Access support materials for effective school based implementation of Crossroads in NSW government schools.

The Department of Education is currently reviewing all teaching and learning materials which support delivery of Crossroads in NSW government schools. Information will be provided to NSW government schools once the review is complete and materials are available.

Crossroads is a mandatory program for students in Years 11 and/or 12 in NSW government schools.

Crossroads is designed to help senior students address issues of health, safety and wellbeing at a time when they face significant changes and challenges in their lives. Crossroads aims to prepare and support these students as they encounter situations related to identity, independence and their changing responsibilities.

Crossroads aims to build students’ sense of empowerment and respect for themselves and others.

For more information on Crossroads contact:

Renee West, PDHPE Advisor, 7-12 on 02 92445841 or email or