Creative Arts activities — K-6

NSW Syllabus:

The best syllabus links are in Visual Arts and Music of the Creative Arts objectives.

Weather patterns

Search the web for examples of the cloud pattern called Mega Mendung from the Indonesian region of Cirebon.
Develop your own pattern from the clouds or other weather conditions where you are by drawing or using a camera to get close to capture the image.
Change the angle of your viewpoint. Take it from above, behind or the side. Explore using filters or adjustments such as in hue and saturation to change the image. Once you have gathered and developed your ideas, use them as stimuli for composing dance, making drama, organising sound in music and/or artmaking in Visual Arts.

dark clouds over wheat field

Looking at weather patterns

Food and little people

Search the web for little people food. Look at the work of the artist Slinkachu with little people and food. Select one such as penguins and marshmallows to discuss with students. Facilitate students exploring their own ideas.

Easter Show

Students design and make an exhibit for the Easter Show that supports Australian farmers. Refer to Australian District Exhibits displays for ideas.

Southern and Central exhibits display at the Easter Show

District Exhibits display at the Easter Show

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