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Question 1

Outline the roles played by standardisation, replication, randomisation and having a control in the design of agricultural experiments.
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Question 2

What is the stated aim of the managed environment facility (MEF) trials being conducted at Narrabri, Yanco and Meredin during the 2014 growing season?
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Question 3

Explain how standardisation, replication, randomisation and a control were achieved in the managed environment facility (MEF) trials at the University of Sydney’s Narrabri plant breeding centre in 2014.
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Question 4

Explain why a test of significance is needed before the results of agricultural experiments can be accepted?
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Question 5

How do you think the results of the MEF trials will be of benefit to Australian wheat farmers?
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Question 6

Outline some challenges that Australian wheat farmers are likely to face in future years and explain how wheat breeding will help overcome them.
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